Reporting Committees

AREA Kate Hillman
Secondary School Advisory Kate Hillman
Budget Committee (Town of Rye) Kevin Brandon
Capital Improvement Plan (Town of Rye)     Jeanne Moynahan
Emergency Management (Town of Rye) Jeanne Moynahan
PTA Margaret Honda
Policy (SAU 50) Jeanne Moynahan
Professional Development (SAU 50) Scott Marion
Rye Education Foundation Kate Hillman
Special Issues Kate Hillman, Jeanne Moynahan (Margaret Honda)
Technology Kevin Brandon

Advisory Committees (SAU 50)

Parent Survey Scott Marion
Goals and Transition Scott Marion
Superintendent Evaluation      Scott Marion

Special Duties

Contract Negotiations (Staff)     Kevin Brandon, Kate Hillman
Communications Margaret Honda
Manifest Review Jeanne Moynahan
NHSBA Representative Jeanne Moynahan


School Resources