English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

English Learners are students with limited English proficiency. This student population may include recent immigrants or refugees from other countries, as well as US born children with parents or guardians that maintain a language other than English in the home. One characteristic of all English Learners is the fact that their limited English proficiency hampers their ability to successfully access the curriculum.

All families complete a Home Language Survey at the time of enrollment. A certified ESOL teacher does an initial assessment to determine if the student is eligible for ESOL services. Parents are notified if their child qualifies for services and if accepted, the child will begin receiving language acquisition instructional services.

Services are designed so that English Learners can successfully access the full school curriculum. The instruction matches each student's level of proficiency in English moving them to more advanced understanding. ESOL students will participate in unified arts, school activities, and extra-curricular activities.

If you feel your child may qualify for ESOL services, please contact:

Kelli R. Killen

Assistant Superintendent ESOL Coordinator 603-422-9572 kkillen@sau50.org

ESOL Coordinator