8th Grade CD

Download and Listen to the new 8th Grade original tracks from our new CD.  And view the world premier of our new video!

"Board Games: Advisory"

Featuring: Matt, Sam, Jack, Kevin, Maddy, Annie, Lauren, Lily, Shanley and Izzy.
Produced by Michelle Wirth

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Junky Music Filesize 3.72 MB Download:
In Heaven Too Soon Filesize 2.83 MB Download:
Doorbell Filesize 2.98 MB Download:
Scuba Diver Filesize 1.22 MB Download:
Dreary Monday Morning Filesize 3.84 MB Download:
Hotel Lobby Filesize 1.62 MB Download:
Pancakes Filesize 1.46 MB Download:
Mattie's Marvelous Filesize 1.16 MB Download:
First Try Filesize 968.25 KB Download:
Seaside Blues Filesize 3.57 MB Download:

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