March 31, 2020

Dear SAU 50 Parents & Guardians,

As previously mentioned, Governor Sununu has extended our current remote learning period to May 4th. Our Administrative Council held a meeting yesterday to discuss planning for continued remote learning through the extended period. As we shift to this extended period of remote learning, I want to make you aware of what to expect for the remainder of this week.

To start, it is important to know that during the first two weeks of remote learning, our SAU was operating on a short-term emergency response plan as a result of school closures.  Our building administrators were instructed to have staff members plan for up to fifteen (15) days of remote instruction. The new plan that our Administrative Council worked on is a long-term balanced approach that is set to launch on Monday April 6th.

Our plan has been created based on guidelines generated collaboratively by several state organizations including the New Hampshire School Boards Association, the New Hampshire School Administrators’ Association, the National Education Association – NH, among others, including feedback from staff and families.

Listed below is a timeline for the remainder of this week. A separate communication will be sent to all SAU 50 staff.

Tuesday, March 31st & Wednesday, April 1st: Assistant Superintendent Kelli Killen will send the SAU50 Remote Learning Plan to staff and meet with grade level groups across the SAU. This plan contains some adjustments to our previous expectations for remote learning.

Thursday, April 2nd & Friday, April 3rd: Regular education classroom teachers will be provided time to plan for further instruction following their grade-level meetings to review the revised curriculum guides. Special Education teachers and related service providers will continue to provide scheduled services as originally planned. Students can continue working on materials that were previously provided to them, however, classroom staff will not be available to meet remotely with students or to introduce new content.

Parents and guardians can expect to receive a copy of the SAU 50 Remote Learning Plan and an informational video from Assistant Superintendent Kelli Killen on Thursday, April 2. This plan will outline some changes to the daily and weekly instructional timeframes.

Some school districts across the state have already made adjustments to the current 2019-2020 academic calendar and decided to continue remote learning through the April break in order to complete the year five (5) days earlier. Following discussions with our Administrative Council, we have decided to keep the April school break as scheduled and not make any adjustments to the current academic calendar.  Our building principals and central office administrators strongly felt that staff, parents, and students need the scheduled down time beginning April 27th through May 1st.

I truly appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding during this different approach to teaching and learning. Sincerely,

Salvatore Petralia
Superintendent of Schools
SAU 50

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